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PM6 is the fluorinated derivative of the PBDB-T. Also known as PBDB-T-2F, the PM6 exhibited a strong crystallinity and mainly possesses a face-on packing, which is beneficial in OPV. Compared to PBDB-T, the HOMO level of PM6 is 0.22 eV lower, (-5.45 eV compare to -5.23 eV for PBDB-T) increasing the Voc in OPV.
PM6 is used in high performance organic solar cells (PCE > 16%), mainly in conjunction with non-fullerene acceptors, such as Y family as well as ITIC and its derivatives. [2,3]

When WS2 is used as the hole transport layer (to replace PEDOT:PSS), PM6 has also demonstrated PCE up to 13,5% with IT-4F and up to 17% with Y6. [4]

Cas no : 1802013-83-7
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