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Y6 uses an electron-deficient molecular core to obtain a low bandgap NFA with an improved electron affinity. OPV devices made from Y6 can reach exceptionally high performances in single-junction devices, with a maximum PCE reported of 15.7% (14.9% certified by ENLI Tech Laboratory). Y6 is versatile and can be employed in both conventional and inverted OPV device architectures and can maintain a high PCE with varying active layer thicknesses (13.6% in thick 300 nm layers).

Yuan, J.; Zhang, Y.; Zhou, L.; Zhang, G.; Yip, H.-L.; Lau, T.-K.; Lu, X.; Zhu, C.; Peng, H.; Johnson, P. A.; Leclerc, M.; Cao, Y.; Ulanski, J.; Li, Y.; Zou, Y. Joule 2019, 3, 1140

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