Innovating for a‚ÄČbrilliant future

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Enabling printed electronics through material science
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Innovating for a Brilliant future

Brilliant Matters was created by passionate material scientists to answer the need for a reliable supply of a new generation of organic semiconductors. By using innovative chemical processes, we provide value-added and environmentally friendly solutions to emerging printed electronics technologies.

Working Together

We firmly believe uniting our efforts is the key to innovate faster and accelerate the commercialization of emerging technologies. This is why we continuously expand our network to connect with world-leading experts in universities and in the organic printed electronics industry.

Green Technology

Each of us wants to do their part to pass down a more sustainable society to future generations. We do our part by using our environmentally-friendly proprietary production method to make organic semiconductors for printed organic solar cells, the renewable energy of the future.

Chemistry Facilities

We use state-of-the-art chemistry equipment to develop and produce the next generation of organic semiconductors. We have access to all the equipment we need to ensure we deliver quality materials up to the kilogram scale.

Your partner in solving advanced materials challenges

We offer our expertise in chemistry and material science to help you successfully manufacture printable organic electronic devices. We also provide innovative and proprietary materials for organic solar cells, organic photodetectors, thin-film transistors, electrochromic devices, and more.

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Custom synthesis

We offer flexible solutions for your specific needs. Contact us with your request and get back to you as quickly as possible.

Contract Research

Accelerate your research by working with a qualified and professional research team.

R&D Partnership

We are always open to collaborative opportunities involving complex technological challenges. Take advantage of our expertise in chemistry and material science to expand your capabilities.