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BTP-4Cl (Y7) is the chlorinated derivative of the fused benzothiadiazole-based NFA (Y6). This low bandgap and strong absorption NFA material has shown tremendous performances when blended with the p-type polymer PM6. The single-junction 9mm2 devices of this blend offer a PCE of 16.5% with a thickness of about 100nm and PCE >13% on 300 nm active layer. The most impressive feature of this blend is the PCE > 15% with a 1 cm2 active layer. Those improved performances over Y6 are mainly due to the highest photoluminescence, which indicates a lower non-radiative energy loss, leading to a higher Voc of 0.867 V vs 0.834 V for Y6.

Reference and literature:

Cui, Y.; Yao, H.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, T.; Wang, Y.; Hong, L.; Xian, K.; Xu, B.; Zhang, S.; Peng, J.; Wei, Z.; Gao, F.; Hou, J. Nat. Commun. 2019, 10, 2515

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