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2PACz is a hole-selective interlayer, which can form a self-assembled monolayer (SAM) directly onto metal oxide surfaces such at ITO. This SAM modification of the ITO modifies its work function and reduces contact resistance at the interface, as well as reducing bimolecular recombination losses. In addition, the devices using ITO-2PACz shows greatly improved operational stability when compared with the same devices using a PEDOT:PSS interlayer.2PACz has been used in place of conventional HTL materials to fabricate organic solar cells reaching 18% PCE.(1)

Useful References:

(1) Lin, Y., Firdaus, Y., Isikgor, F.H., Nugraha, M.I., Yengel, E., Harrison, G.T., Hallani, R., El-Labban, A., Faber, H., Ma, C., Zheng, X., Subbiah, A., Howells, C.T., Bakr, O.M., McCulloch, I., De Wolf, S., Tsetseris, L., and Anthopoulos, T.D. Self-Assembled Monolayer Enables Hole Transport Layer-Free Organic Solar Cells with 18% Efficiency and Improved Operational Stability. ACS Energy Letters 2020, 5 (9), 2935-2944. DOI: 10.1021/acsenergylett.0c01421

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